Questions to ask before deciding to move house

Questions to ask before deciding to move house

To move or not to move? You’ve had the idea for a while and it won’t go away and you have to decide soon. It is of course a big decision. For most of us it’s life-changing and not something to go into lightly. But how do you know when the time is right? We’ve put together some questions to ask yourself which hopefully will help with the decision.

How far from place of work?

If you’re settled in your job then living somewhere that’s convenient to it is a big plus. You have to consider if it would be worth it to move somewhere that means a longer or more complicated commute.

Am I near family & friends?

How often do you like to meet up with people you’re close to? If the answer is ‘regularly’ then you might find it difficult or impractical to move too far away. Would family members find it difficult if you didn’t live near them?

At home on couchWould I feel safe here?

If you know what area you’re moving to, try and find out if it’s a relatively safe place to live. You could do a search online for crime or anti-social behaviour. This may impact your decision more depending on your situation, such as having children; or if you’re elderly and live alone or are otherwise vulnerable.

Can I afford it?

Aside from obvious costs of the rent or mortgage, consider the costs of hiring a solicitor, estate agent and professional movers if you’re using these services. You may also have to do some renovations after you move in. Would you have enough in your budget to cover any hidden costs that may arise?

Is it the right time?

Even if you think you’ve found the perfect house, is now the right time of year to move? if not then you might have to put plans in place such as days off work. If you have kids, will moving in the middle of the school year be ok?

How much time will it take?

You then have to ask how much time the whole thing will take from beginning to end. This will vary for everyone and every situation, but it’s a good thing to research first so that you don’t end up moving at a time of the year you don’t want to.

How much space do I need?

Is the place you’re moving to going to be big enough? Consider how different your life might be ten years from now. How many children might you have? Do you want a room spare for guests? Maybe your job will have you working from home and you’ll need another room as an office.

Could I build an extension?

If the house you’re considering isn’t big enough, could you build on? Would you get planning permission for an extension?

What about broadband?

Broadband quality continues to improve, but there are still some parts that don’t yet have great availability. If you need a connection that’s fast and reliable, or this is what you’re used to, you could forget that it mightn’t be like this everywhere. Contact your provider to see if they cover the location you’re considering. Or read this about broadband availability in Ireland and to compare providers.

How near are schools?

If you have kids or planning to, is the place near enough to schools? What are the options for transport in the morning to take kids to school?

Am I near hobbies and places of interest?

It’s often the community that we’re in that shapes our activities and interests. Are you into a sport or hobby that’s located nearby, that you might miss when gone? What are the local ameneties like in general? Shops, cafés, pubs, parks, community centres. Places where people meet and gather can make a difference in how you feel about a place. Relaxing at home

What about neighbours?

Who would you live next door to? Is it important to live somewhere quiet? Is it important to live near young families, or retirement age people, etc.

How are the noise levels

What if you’re located near a garage or other workplace that’s noisy every day? Is there building work happening nearby? Have a look at planning applications for the area to see if there’s work planned. Building work can go on for months and sometimes longer; starting early mornings and often Saturdays as well.

Am I at home here?

Finally ask, how does it feel in general. Are you comfortable here? Does it feel like home? Could you see yourself spending the rest of your life here? If yes is the answer to these questions, the idea to move could be a case of the grass is greener. Would it be worth it to risk what you have? Appreciate what you have. Maybe think about redecorating or renovating; or garden landscaping is another way to invest in your home.