Moving office or relocating business?

Are you a company or business in Dublin looking for affordable office removal service?  At 2men2vans, we have years of experience in relocating businesses and offices in Dublin.   Whether it’s a large business you’re moving, or equipment from a small office, we’re a company you can rely on to handle the move efficiently and with minimum disruption to your day.

Large box van for office removal

For any type of heavy lifting or moving jobs your company or office needs, we’re here to help.
Our vans of various sizes can accommodate large office moves and we have extra movers available if needed. Contact us anytime to discuss requirements.  We can call out to your premises to estimate the move and discuss it further.

Crate hire for business

We also supply crates to hire for your office or business move. Many businesses have been choosing us over other movers to save on cost of hiring a separate company for crates.